Welcome to the Owners Association and info’ guide for the Anderson 22 and 26 British lift keel cruiser/racers with transatlantic performance.

The purpose of the Association is to pool assistance and experiences for owners, facilitate ‘meet-ups’, and provide information to prospective owners, aiding the class profile.

Even now the Anderson is something of a well-kept secret.  Those who know of the boat’s capabilities seek them out, others are pleasantly surprised.

‘Sailing Today’ magazine featured the Anderson 22 in the review ‘Legendary Lift keeler’  in the  December 2006 Issue,

To say this is worth a look for anyone interested in an Anderson 22 is an understatement.

‘Practical Boat Owner’ also gave a very favourable review, ‘ Anderson’s All Rounder ‘ in 1997.


If you are considering the Anderson 22 and have a query not answered by the ‘ Buyers Guide ‘ here, please feel free to contact me,



Join the Association

I ask £10 per annum for access to a great deal more info than is shown on

these public pages, and myself on the end of the phone.

This – 2018 – is my 40th season with my Anderson 22 which my father and I built

from a kit and I have since modified the interior in various details.



In memory of of Anderson 22 owner Dave Hulin – 1968 – 2017

Dave Hulin on board Anderson 137 'Myjo'

Dave Hulin on board Anderson 137 ‘Myjo’